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December 2021 – my pop track Beyond Wonderful sung very well by young Kitty Hollingsworth is out on my 8th album Songwriter/Singer. I think it is one of Ian Wright’s (producer of the previous 4 albums) and my best albums. 10 After 10, an album produced by Richard Coppen at Panther Studios Reigate is out… Read more


A few of the songs from my 7 albums over the last 20 years.  I write in different styles but not on purpose. I just go with a musical idea I like. I am however pretty useless at writing funny songs. There is no hiding place! 1 or 2 aren’t bad but it’s not my strong suit. A funny song hasn’t yet made an album. My lyrics range from a fairy tale about how Hollywood got its name to the legend of Shangri-La, from a number of songs between a wife and her Confederate husband during the American Civil War to a set of songs about the dreaded Bogeyman, from the story of Red Cloud and Spotted Tail in the old American West and one about Picasso to a tale of a Faery Queen and a song about a fictitious silent screen goddess Frances Roe, from love songs which go well to those that don’t, and all sorts of other subjects, including spiritual songs. There are a number that are set in the USA.


Song Album – go to Contacts Page to buy these albums


Mars & Venus – A happy song. Good old Johann! (Album: Fairytales, 2018)



Metronome – We want our hearts to be constant through our lives but also to be passionate, then the Heart is Queen of Dreams. (Album: Queen of Dreams, 2016)



Counting to 10 – I waited a long time for another burst of creative energy! (Album: Queen of Dreams, 2016)


Who is watching over us while we go about our daily lives? (Album: The Pages of our Lives, 2014)



Somebody’s Child – A man does something really bad and embraces absolution (Album: The Pages of our Lives, 2014)



Lies – When you tell me you love me, do I believe you? (Album: The Other Half of Me, 1999)



Charles Hardin Holley – A tribute to the late great Buddy Holly. (Album: Pretty Young Girl in the Little Blue Dress, 2012)