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December 2021 – my pop track Beyond Wonderful sung very well by young Kitty Hollingsworth is out on my 8th album Songwriter/Singer. I think it is one of Ian Wright’s (producer of the previous 4 albums) and my best albums. 10 After 10, an album produced by Richard Coppen at Panther Studios Reigate is out… Read more


I originally studied piano at junior school which I wasn’t particularly good at. Then in 1963, along with many others with the 60’s group explosion, I picked up a guitar and happily discovered it was the instrument for me. The first song I ever learnt was Bill Bailey. Tuition at senior school, a school band and Bert Weedon books followed! We all went to see the Beatles in 1965. I was an enormous fan of the touring Beatles. They were such a tight band.


In 1969, when I was 21, I formed a duo with friend Pete Lander, who lived in my London digs. I wrote the songs and we played on and off in the London folk clubs, particularly Bunjies, as Black Swan and then Forever. 2 voices, 2 guitars. In 1972, remaining friends, we went our separate ways. I thought that that was it and stopped writing.


I went to the wonderful world of ‘straight’ work, Pete to eventually work on cruise ships navigating the globe as an entertainer. We both got married and had children. Pete and Carol had a son Michael and settled in Thailand. Sadly, in 1995, Pete was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and died about 3 weeks after returning to the UK which was a big shock.


Meanwhile, I did not string a decent song together for 22 years. I tried occasionally but got nowhere.


In 1994 I saw an old hero of mine, Steve Tilston, do a gig with his wife Maggie in Sutton, Surrey. I went home, got the guitar out and started writing again and haven’t stopped. I expect every song I write to be my last! So far I have recorded 7 albums and have just started the eighth, which is already written. So exclusive they are not available in the shops! I started performing again in 2003.


Most of my songs are written in standard tuning but I have written quite a few in the last few years in Open G. Guitars are a 60’s Levin, a 1970 Yamaha FG180, a recent semi- acoustic Cort and a really cheap Spanish guitar. The latter is not good enough to perform on really but it sounds remarkably good on albums. I use a keyboard to help with top lines and get the odd idea. My piano study all those years ago has been very helpful. I would like to study more music theory in the future now I am retired.