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July 2017 – Taking a while to finish album 7 which will now definitely be out by Christmas! It’s taking a while. Only going to record these songs once and all that!! Album 8 is 70% written. Time waits for no man. – I failed to put on the show of about 17 of my… Read more



I tend to think of myself these days as a songwriter/singer rather than the other way round. Anyway everyone’s a ‘singer/songwriter’ so something a bit different! My interest has always been creation rather than doing covers. I leave that to the host of really good cover singers I hear in the folks clubs I play in.

I spend my time writing, performing either by myself or with other musicians, and recording albums of my songs. As you can see in the biography I had a long break from writing, from 1972-1994 when I was working hard to look after a family and getting some life experiences. I think I write better songs now, make better chord choices and write better lyrics than I did all those years ago (mind you that is only my opinion!).